About Us
‘Reva’, established by a group of artists is a nature-based residential consortium situated on the bank of the sacred River Narmada. It is surrounded by the serenity and beauty of a Neem forest sculpted by nature in the form of a green valley which is inhabited by a variety of birds, flowers, vegetation and other varied wildlifewhich creates a peaceful and luring forest environment. The exceptional magic of this place and especially of the River Narmada, the feeling of being embraced by Mother Nature and that of being in the right place are just as unique experiences as is the exposure to the beauty of River Narmada and its surroundings.
‘Reva’ emerged from our discovered love for nature as well as the vision to offer a place for people to visit and share the tranquillity and the natural beauty within us and to use this as a catalyst to enhance our creativity. Reva is about the lifting of the entire being, creatively, physically and spiritually through the support and help of the nature around. We endeavour to support the empowerment of the individual to live and create in freedom and to revitalize there being.